Wreathed and Curved Handrail

A geometrical staircase with hand carved wreathed handrail is at the heart of many of the UK’s most prestigious buildings. With the advancement of modern 5 Axis CNC Technology, the manufacturing process has been brought into the 21st century. Large scale projects are scanned, programmed and manufactured with accuracy and precision which complements the skills of traditional hand methods. The Oak, Mahogany and Black Walnut handrails are hand sanded and finished for that professional touch.

Small scale projects however are still produced in the traditional way, usingface moulds, hand tools and French polish.The complex geometry to produce wreathed handrails has been developed by various master craftsmen over many years. A milestone in the development of handrailing was the introduction of the face mould by mathematician Peter Nicholson. In his book of 1826 PRACTICAL CARPENTRY, JOINERY, AND CABINET-MAKING, he says; “The whole art of handrailing depends on finding the section of a cylinder to pass through three given points on its surface”.