Brettells Wood turners and wood workers

About Us

At Brettells the bulk of our production is standard designs of stairparts produced on high volume rotary knife lathes using the best quality softwood from the managed forests of Scandinavia.


We produce bespoke designs of twist turnings, open, barley, hollow or rope twist. At least 30% of our work is of special patterns made to order. Reeding, fluting and fretwork are done to customer's specification. We design and manufacture table legs, chair legs, knobs and bun feet for the pine furniture trade.


We operate various automatic fixed knife machines, possibly the fastest of all the turning machines, these are ideal for finials, tassel moulds, knobs, gallery pegs and small turnings.


We use hydraulic copying lathes for short runs of special balusters and newels. Cranked chair back legs can be turned from solid timber. Face plate turnings and spheres are laminated to prevent splitting.


Rotary cutter head doweling machines produce accurate dowels from 6mm up to 88mm diameter. Dowels can be run with grooves for glueing or smooth and sanded, ideal for wall fix handrails. We have a variety of moulding machines that can produce architrave, dado and handrails as well as P.A.R stock.


Architrave Blocks, Castor Cups, Lace Bobbins, Pipe Ferrules, Carvers Mallets, Tool Handles, Gear Knobs and Coat Hangers are just a few of the thousands of items this company has produced over the years.


In all we have around 150 different machines which produce a wide variety of quality turned components for all industries.


A family run firm with over 170 years experience. Brettells, the Master wood turners.